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Scent Sniper works by generating ozone (O3), a powerful oxidizing agent, to neutralize odor causing bacteria and mold from hockey gear. Equipment is placed inside the specially designed hockey bag and ozone is injected into the bag via the ozone port welded into the top of the bag.

The ozone reacts with odor molecules and microorganisms, breaking them down into harmless substances, before transforming back into oxygen. This process effectively removes unpleasant odors and leaves gear fresh and residue-free. 

Modern hockey equipment is typically made from materials designed to withstand ozone exposure, ensuring that they remain effective and durable even after undergoing many deodorizing cycles with the ScentSniper. However, if your gear is older than 10 years, or if the straps already show significant loss of resiliency, these pieces might contain rubber-based elastics or other materials more vulnerable to ozone damage. Prolonged exposure to high concentrations of ozone can cause these materials to lose resiliency and become brittle and deteriorate over time. Often, the straps on older gear may already be "shot", because oxidation happens over time, even without exposure to ozone. 

To ensure the longevity of your equipment:

  • Follow Directions: Always use the ScentSniper according to the instructions, adhering strictly to the recommended exposure times. Higher concentrations of ozone in a small amount of time goes a long way. Running extra cycles, just for the sake of doing so after the odor has been neutralized, is not recommended.

  • Test Older Gear: For equipment that is over 10 years old or shows visible signs of wear, especially in elastic components, conduct a preliminary test on a single piece of equipment at a low ozone setting before proceeding with a full cycle. This precaution helps to assess the material’s compatibility with ozone without risking significant damage. 

  • Monitor Condition: Regularly inspect elements of your gear that may contain rubber or other potentially vulnerable materials. If you notice signs of brittleness, loss of elasticity, or other deterioration, discontinue using the ScentSniper on those items.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively maintain your modern hockey equipment in an odor-free condition while taking necessary precautions to protect older from potential ozone damage.

Yes, the bag may be used as your main bag or exclusively for deodorizing your gear. The bag is designed to be virtually air-tight, so we recommend drying out your gear prior to storing it in the bag. 

No, there is nothing to refill or replace. Everything is included, just add gear!

There is not a finite (limited) number of deodorizing cycles. The system is designed for years of use. Every purchase comes with a 1 year limited warranty on the electronics and bag. 

YES, with a few caveats...

Foremost, Ozone is a powerful anti-oxidant in the form of a gas (vs. liquid or solid) and should NOT be inhaled at levels that are required to deodorize hockey gear.

While the Scent Sniper hockey bag is specifically designed to seal in ozone (which it does very well), it is not going to be 100% air-tight, 100% of the time.

Therefore, to ensure product safety, Scent Sniper has been tested to be compliant with CFR 21.x when used as directed in a room that is 11 feet x 14 feet x 8 foot cielings (154 Square Foot) or Larger. This ensures that ozone levels in the ambient room air do not exceed .05PPM, which is the limit for indoor ambient air quality. 

If room size poses a challenge, Scent Sniper may be used safely in a covered garage, porch or shop space that is unoccupied during operation OR with the outside door ajar, allowing free flow of outide air to circulate the space.

While these precautions are nothing to fear, they should be taken seriously to ensure one's safety. 

The average cycle time is 2 hours. This allows time for ozone to work most effectively, as well as time for it to decompose back into oxygen, which it does naturally. 

This may seem like a long time, however there's no need to wait around during the cycle.

We recommend "Set and forget it"--Start a deodorizing cycle and go to work, school, whatever you were doing, as long as children are not left unattended that could potentially tamper with the system. 


Scent Sniper will deodorize both dry and damp gear, however it will not dry it. When deodorizing damp gear, it should be removed and allowed to dry the same day as the deodorizing cycle. 

There is a 12 month limited warranty on both the hockey bag and the ozone machine. The warranty covers manufacture defects and normal wear and tear. It does not cover, loss, damage due to misuse, water damage, etc.